An HVAC contractor with expertise across the field, from design through manufacture, installation to final commissioning

From high integrity nuclear ventilation systems to general low integrity systems, we have the skills and experience to support the development and implementation of a huge variety of HVAC systems. Our skillset extends from design to commissioning, via supply, manufacture, inspection, testing, site installation and EC&I systems.

We manufacture hvac systems and ventilation:

  • ES_0_1721_2 Procurement Spec for Low Integrity Ventilation Ductwork
  • ES_0_1722_2 Procurement Spec for High Integrity Carbon Steel Ventilation Ductwork
  • ES_0_1723_2 Procurement Spec for High Integrity Stainless Steel Ventilation Ductwork
  • DW142 Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork
  • DW143 Specification for Ductwork Leakage Testing
  • DW144 Specification for Sheet Metal Ductwork

Case Study

ILW store extension

Dounreay Site restoration Ltd (DSRL) identified a requirement to extend the drum storage capacity of the Dounreay Cementation plant (DCP) facilities.
the inside of shielding and blast door systems, manufactured by JGC Engineering