Container conversions including offsite testing and commissioning

We’ve undertaken a wide range of container conversions to meet the specific requirements of our clients. The conversions are completed from either newly procured units or ‘one trip’ commercial units, where cost efficiency is required. The uses of the containers vary and include housings for plant equipment and interim storage units.

Some of the work we’ve carried out includes the formation of access doors, services penetrations, internal insulation and cladding, internal fit out of plant, equipment, racking and more, and paint system remediation. Our extensive experience means that we can advise clients on best practice when it comes to container conversions, both in terms of practicality and where cost savings can be made.

Some of our container projects have included the fitting of both mechanically and electrically interconnected plant, to create complete systems. This modular approach to system integration allows for comprehensive off-site testing and partial commissioning ahead of site mobilisation. This minimises the time spent on site for the installation, testing and commissioning phases of a project, and thus creates a direct time and cost saving.