ILW store extension

  • Started December
  • In Progress November
  • Value

Dounreay Site restoration Ltd (DSRL) identified a requirement to extend the drum storage capacity of the Dounreay Cementation plant (DCP) facilities.

The new facility (D2702 and D2703) will be a drum store with an import and export route that is joined to the existing import and export facility (IEF) D2701with packages to be stored being Radioactive ILW waste management directorate (RWMD) ACCEPTED 500l drums.

The scope of works for the project is for the procurement, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, FAT, packaging and delivery, Site installation, Site acceptance testing of the complete D2702 and D2703 systems in accordance with the pre designed drawings and documentation.

This included the following supply from JGC:

  • Shield door 5 (10te)
  • Shield door 6 (6.5te)
  • Shield door 7 (38Te filled with concrete on site to make a 170te door)
  • All encast appurtenances
  • All Electrical control and instrumentation panels (21No)
  • All Power distribution panels
  • Lid lifting Hoist
  • Tool Penetration encast assembly
  • Camera penetration encast assembly
  • Drum transport container
  • Drum Guides
  • HVAC systems including all ST/ST high integrity ductwork manufacture, AHU’s, Filter banks, Dampers, Grills, Louvres etc.
  • Collapsible handrail for crain maintenance systems
  • EC&I site installations (Small power and lighting, Lightening protection, Fire alarms, HVAC control systems etc.