Fabrication in carbon steel, stainless steel and exotic metals

Fabrication work is the cornerstone on which JGC was founded. Pipework and the fabrication of steel structures have formed the basis of our workload for many years, and we have diversified successfully into many other products such as vessels, storage tanks, glove boxes and containers.

We provide fabrication services across all of the industry sectors in which we are active: our fabrication workshop is a key factor in 70% of JGC’s engineering projects. We have an extensive portfolio of pre-qualified approved weld procedures, covering a wide range of steels and alloys. Additional procedures can also be developed, meaning we can meet the requirements of any contract. Our highly-skilled coded welders have extensive experience of producing welds to meet the most arduous NDT criteria.

Fabrications are manufactured to tight tolerances and - subject to specification and size - can be post-fabrication machined to achieve a precision fit. JGC’s fabrication experience includes the production of a huge variety of equipment, plan and facilities.