Our inclusion in the new Fit 4 Offshore Renewables (F4OR) pilot programme

We were delighted to be one of just 20 companies to be included in ORE Catapult’s Fit 4 Offshore Renewables (F4OR) pilot programme. Jointly funded by the Scottish Government and ORE Catapult, it is a unique service aimed at getting the UK supply chain ready to bid for work in the offshore renewable energy sector. The objective of the programme is to support the development of an increasingly competent, capable and competitive UK offshore renewable energy supply chain – maximising opportunity for the UK supply chain, both domestically and globally.

In making their decision to include JGC in the programme, the assessment team at ORE Catapult noted: ‘When assessed in both phases, it was determined that JGC was an already highly capable and competent organisation, with effective and robust management systems in place.’

We believe our inclusion in the programme is further testament to our standing as a company and the quality of our work and the levels of service we provide. And whilst we see our future working in all the sectors and industries we’re currently involved with, there’s no question that offshore renewables will be especially important to us – and this in the context of the global move to reduce carbon emissions through the increasing adoption of green energy.